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Best gifts ideas for your family needs

If you want to give gift anyone. First of all you think to purchase something. There are so many such things which express your love with someone more than other materiel things. The first gift that we can give is care and consideration. We all want to feel cared for, listen with our heart, understand the things and accept them open heartedly are best gifts that we can give. Think about giving the things to other instead of taking the things from other. You will feel great after do this. Care and compassion are wonderful gifts which you can give to your family. Second precious gift is our own courage. It means we have courage to speak truth, courage to say right things while other are against, to be sincere about what we want to do and will do. It all means have courage to take care of you. We should have courage to face the conflict instead of avoiding. TO do this, you will provide a role model to your family, you will provide them courage to face the hardships of life courageously and create ability in them to stand with their decisions. It is well known proverb “man is social animal”. It is not possible for him to live alone and fulfill all his needs. So one of the best gifts we can give to others is by doing services. Helping other provides such happiness to the heart and soul that no other thing can do. It is on parents to teach their kids help other. If they do not learn this from their parents, they will never enjoy the joy of giving. Laughter, joy and fun are some more gifts that can be given to family and others. Our one laughter and sometime single sweet smile help the other to take the life light and less critical. When we give all above mentioned gifts to other we feel happy and lighten.

So we can say lightness of being is the result of all other gifts. Children feel happy when their parents make joy with them and bring smile on their faces through their funny conversation. These gifts are important than all material gifts. We try to give them daily, not only on special events and during vocations. If we give these gifts of love regularly, we have not to worry about the material gifts which provide temporary enjoyment. The gift of caring, love, service, lightness of being and courage will surely fill the heart and soul with long lasting joys.

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