Perfectly portable, totally stashable, these little beauties slip into a purse or carry-on, and can be a fashion lifesaver.

With My Tagalongs Disposable Underwear, your mother need not worry that you aren’t wearing clean undies. Sold in packs of two or five, thong or bikini, these undies are thin, light, and are meant for a single use. They are made from recycled polypropylene, with a cotton gusset, but are soft and breathable. Each pair is individually sealed in sterile plastic and is rolled up to be about the size of a lipstick.

Miss Oops offers a variety great fashion fixes. Our favorites are the Rescue Sponge, a dry sponge that can gently remove deodorant with a few quick rubs, and the Boob Tube. The Boob Tube is a thin, stretchy bandeau that is designed to offer a bit of modesty under low-cut tops without the bulk or bunching of a camisole. It’s perfect to wear to the office, and can tuck away into your purse when it is time to go clubbing. It comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and even lace.

Peek-a-Boob Strips are a pretty standard fashion tape. They come in small, pre-measured sizes that are just right to close the gap caused by button-front shirts. What I like best about Peek-a-Boob is that it comes in a tiny metal tin so they are perfect to tuck into your purse.

I hate having my pants hemmed, but at 5’4″ it is pretty much a necessity.  In the meantime, CityClips hold me over until my next trip to the tailor. Sold in sets of four, these sturdy cotton wool “clips” attach with strong magnets to hold up your hem.  Wear your hem neatly folded, or scrunch it up.

While plain black is an option, why not dress up otherwise plain pants with an embellished CityClip? Rhinestones, nautical buttons, mother of pearl, and gold rope are just some of the styles available.  Looking for something a little more subtle? N*Jeanious is a temporary, adhesive hem tape especially made for denim. This is great if you like your jeans long for your high-heels, but sometimes want them shorter for flats.

Need a couple inches?  Try Lift Kits for Chicks.  These super-comfy inserts add up to one-and-a-quarter inch to your height.  They work best with boots. When worn with low-cut shoes, it feels like my foot is going to fall out the top because of the extra height.

Gel shoe inserts are everywhere nowadays.  Sassy Soles are different. They are just half-inserts with a tiny ridge near the top.  The idea is that you put them in the toe of your open-toe shoes, and the ridge helps keep your foot in place by fitting between the ball of the foot and the toes.

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