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How do you balance your time: Buddies or Girl?

Oohh, choosing between your girl who you love and your mates whom you might love even more can be the hardest thing possible. The relation between you and your friends is sacred and you are living with your girl (well at least you are sleeping with her) you love.

The “rule” is that you always choose your mates over your girl but you know that this is easier said than done. If you hang out with the boys too much, your girl start nagging and if it’s vise versa your mates will be asking if you are in fact a real mate of them.

If you want to balance your time between your friends and partner; here are 3 valuable tips to get you going.

Don’t break your appointments.

Once plans are made with either party, they’re set in stone. This can bite you in the ass if for example: your mates call you that they have arranged on the last minute some great football tickets.

Follow up on your plans in the order that you’ve made them. This way neither parties can ever accuse you of favouring the “other side”.

Be a match maker for your friends.

I know it sounds lame and it’s often a girl thing but if you have single friends than most of the time they don’t relate with or understand it how it is to spend time with a partner you love. Hook him up; he’ll leave you alone.

Do things together.

Who says you can’t do both at the same time? When you go out in the weekend? Going out to dinner doesn’t always have to be something for the two of you. Invite your mates along and it ill be a blast. She’ll enjoy getting to know your mates a bit more. Be careful though; don’t invite your girl for the male poker and beer night, you’re mates will see this as the end of your relationship.

Although you’ll need to balance your time wisely; you’re mates and your partner need to know what time it is. Your mates need to realize that this girl is here to stay and your girl needs to realize that you know the boys for years and that they are special for you.

Be open and be clear!

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