There are certain things that you cannot have on the wireless. Trapeze artists, Ballet, Origami and Ventriloquists. As improbable as it may sound one of the most popular programme's started on 6th June 1950. Educating Archie was born. In fact the wireless was the best medium for Peter Brough the ventriloquist, because when he made his rare appearances on the television, every body could see his lips move, so back to the wireless. Once Peter asked "Can you see my lips move?" she replied "Only when Archie is speaking".
Peter Brough and Archie Andrews
Peter Brough and Archie Andrews

See! You can't see his lips move.
Hattie Jacques & Robert Moreton
Hattie Jacques & Robert
Many up and coming stars cut their teeth on the show. Eric Sykes and Sid Colin wrote the scripts and stars like Beryl Reid (Monica), Harry Secombe, Tony Hancock, Alfred Marks, Bernard Miles, 13 year old Julie Andrews and Gilbert Harding as the handyman with lines like, "Blimey Archie lad, and what have you bin a-doin' of ?", the BBC was not well pleased with that.
Educating Archie won the coveted title The Daily Mail's National Radio Award three years running, 1951, 52, 53. Archie was involved in the first mass marketing of a radio star. Sweets, books, scarves, slippers you name it there was an Archie something. Children were given the Archie doll for Christmas with a book on how to be a ventriloquist. It did not work. I know! "Gottle of Gear".

Hancock with catch phrase
'Flipping Kids'
Peter & Archie were inseprable.
Peter & Archie were inseparable.
Max Bygraves 'A Good Idea....Son'
Max Bygraves 'A Good Idea....Son'