Quiz shows were a staple diet for 50's viewers, (so what's new). One of the most popular was 'What's My Line', the tabloid press would report on the members of the programme as they do the soap stars of today. Front page headlines once proclaimed "Barbara Kelly Lost An Earring". It was also the programme that introduced the nation to 'A saggar makers bottom knocker".

Ghislaine Alexander, Jerry Desmond, Barbara Kelly, Gilbert Harding.

By 1955 we had 'Take Your Pick', with the famous 'Yes-No Interlude'. This was where the Quiz Inquisitor Michael Miles would bombard the poor contestant, for one minute, with quick fire questions. If the contestant said either yes or no the gongsman Alec Dane would gong him out. If the contestant lasted a full minute he would win £1. Box 13 was the star prize box, usually a holiday.

Take Your Pick

By 1959 there was 'Juke Box Jury', this was not a quiz show but what they called a 'Panel Game'. Here the wise had to choose if a popular song would be a hit or miss. The big question about this programme was, " Where did they find the Jury?" David Jacobs was the trendy host and tonight's jury is, from left, Chris Denning, Penny Valentine, Mel Torme and Janette Scott (Thora Hirds little girl).

Juke Box Jury

Other great panel games of the 50's were 'Animal, Vegetable or Mineral' This was where top archaeologists like Sir Mortimer Wheeler would have to guess what an object was (this was the Queens favourite). 'The Balloon Game', this had the idea that three historically famous people were in a hot air balloon plummeting towards earth, and the panel must pick one to throw out to save the other two. 1956 brought us 'Do You Trust Your Wife' and 1957 we saw 'Criss Cross Quiz', the junior version had more viewers and lasted longer. 'Tell The Truth' with David Jacobs, this was where three people had to fool the panel by lying. With only one who had to tell the truth.
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