Food photography is a kind of still photography and involves capturing attractive angles and shots of food. It’s a highly trending field of photography and comes to use in advertisements, packaging, food blogs, menus, magazines, cookbooks etc. They are also undeniably one of the most challenging fields of photography out there. Just like when you paint a masterpiece, food photography starts with a blank canvas, and you build it up, layer upon layer. Every piece of the photography is placed and decided by the photographer until s/he reaches the perfect balance of reality and art.

Whether the subject of the photograph is an after-party leftover, or a homemade hand-down-over-the-generations recipe, each of them tells a different story. Though, there should always be the common point of a mouth-watering impact, perfect lighting, and a heroic angle. Did you know that food makes for a perfect subject in the field of still life photography and you could get some really stunning shots with it? Yes, it’s true, but it takes a bit more than just snapping what’s kept on the dinner plate. You need to make the most of the colours, textures, and shapes which are kept on the plate — and voila, you will have tempting photos in no time! Follow certain tips and make use of certain tools, and you will soon be a pro at food styling and photography. Dean Mitchell Photography is one such company who are experts in the field of food photography, and make sure to provide their clients with well shot drool worthy images.

The must-have tools you need for stunning food photography

Whether you are entering the world of Birmingham food photographers or starting out as a food blogger, you need to develop your food styling skills. These skills help to make the food look its best and your photos stunning as ever. Just like an artist needs her/his set of brushes and tools to paint a masterpiece, a food stylist needs her/his set of tools to get the shoot done. Each of their tools plays their own roles and work together to give way to amazing results. So, let’s see what the items are which should be in your toolkit:

  • Tweezers: This is one of the most important tools in your arsenal, and is crucial for strategically placing your desired garnishes or elements of the dish in their correct position.  Try to keep two pairs of tweezers with you, one short handled, and one long handled.
  • Cotton swabs: These are very crucial to help clean up those messy dish sides or small drips or fingerprints on the plate.
  • Paper towels: Along with helping to serve as hand wipes or cleaning spills, you could also use them as a hidden tool to prop up dishes or salads.
  • Paint brushes: Yes, you read it right. You could take the help of paint brushes to brush a drop of olive oil on the meat, or clean any undesired bits and pieces or crumbs off the palette.
  • Glycerine: If you want those water droplets to last on the shiny fresh fruits you are shooting, well spray them with a 50-50 mixture of glycerine and water.
  • Squeeze bottles: Squeeze bottles of different sizes are very handy, as they give you much control while you work with different kinds of sauces and dips.
  • Food colouring: For instance, red food colouring mixed with water serves as a great alternative to red wine, and a cheaper one at that. It looks somewhat translucent in photos, making for a perfect shot.
  • Toothpicks: Toothpicks really help you to anchor those tall dishes together, like a multi layered sandwich or a huge burger or even stack of waffles or pancakes.
  • Fake ice: If you are shooting any kinds of beverages, you will need to bring home some fake ice cubes and shards. It will last you forever and not melt and vanish into your beverage no matter how long you take to get that perfect shot.

You may not need to use all these items in your food style kit all at the same time. Depending on what kind of food you are shooting, you will need to make use of one or more of the above. With such correct, helpful tools in hand, you could engage in stress free shoots and get the best out of your silent food subjects.

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