There is no limit to items which can be used as food, if you have the creativity and the mindset to try different things. David George Gordon the bug chef has come up with tempura-batter fried tarantula as an appetizer in the California bug Fest. These tarantulas are stored frozen. They have to be defrosted before cooking them. The abdomen is removed and the hairs of the spider are singed off using a lighter. The remaining body is dipped into the batter and is fried to make it just brown. Chef Gordon has a secret ingredient to make it tasty.

Insects As Sustainable Food

There are researches going on to use insects as a sustainable source of food. According to Gordon, the best part of tarantula is their legs. He has given the demonstration using tarantula at Hollywood as part of the campaign showcasing insects and other creepy crawlies like tarantula as sustainable food. Other treats on the menu of the Annual Bug-a Thon include scorpions, grasshoppers, cockroaches and many other surprises.

Source Of Animal Protein

Insects are the cheapest source of animal protein and are eco- friendly. About 2/3 of the population in the world has the practice of using insects as a source of food. Ripley’s Hollywood is demonstrating the nutritional values of insects and bugs through their shows. Andrea Silverman, the manager of Ripley’s Hollywood testifies for the taste of tarantula and other insects. She said that the tarantulas tasted just like the shrimp tempura and the grasshoppers tasted like pepper. According to her the crickets are a nutrient rich and they will provide calcium and iron three times more than that in beef meat. Most of the people who have tasted the grasshoppers are of opinion that they tasted like shrimp. It will not be easy for the people in those countries who are not habituated to eating bugs. Chef Gordon lives in Seattle and has written a bug cookbook for the novice in the field of bug cuisine. The Californian bug Fest also offers delicacies like ants, worms, caterpillars, termites, wasps, dung beetle etc.

Are They An Alternative To Agricultural Products?

The production of food crops is decreasing due to changes in climate and non0- availability of water resources. In the coming decades more and more people will turn to insects as the source of sustainable food. These insects can match the taste of any other meat product as they are a good and spicy choice. It requires less water to generate the same quantity of protein as cow, when we opt for the insect as our protein source. It is necessary to conduct more demonstrations through media and to create awareness about the benefits of using these sources of proteins in our regular diet. Most of the African countries are using grasshoppers and ants as food for decades and it is a good thing that the habit is spreading to other countries as well. Ripley’s believe it or not is doing a good job of promoting the use of insects as food.

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