Cannabis is widely known for its recreational uses. There are a wide variety of ways with which one can consume cannabis. Here are some ways to effectively use Cannabis.

Make Cannabis Cigars

With enough practice and getting used to, you can roll cigars using just the weed and not tobacco. If you are a blunt enthusiast and looking to save your lungs from harsh tobacco or planning to step up your smoking game, cannagars are your best option. With proper instructions and the right materials, you can be a master of rolling canna cigars. To start with, you will need leaves of indica strain due to the long broad shape. Hemp-based blunt paper can also be used for this purpose. 

Cannagar can also be added with its flowers. The flowers need the stickiness to it to keep it all together. You can use different strains for this purpose. Depending on the size of the cigar, you will need some 4gram to 10grams of the resin to make the cannagar. Cannabis oil and cannabis flavored e-liquid are other options you can add to your cigar. The lighter you keep the oil, the better the product. The extract you choose will have an impact on the taste. 

To start with the cannagars, you have to have the mold for making the cigar. Give all the materials and rough grind and place it on the mold with your packing tool. 

Make Edibles

Another way is to add to a high fiber diet. The process of making edibles leaves out a lot of pulp. The pulp contains a lot of therapeutic ingredients that can be used in a high fiber diet by just adding it to a high fibrous meal. Bulking up the fiber in your food helps boost colon health, regulate blood sugar levels, and lower cholesterol effects. Before adding it to food, blend it properly and make it into a smooth consistency. 

Bottom Line 

Hope that by all this, you have realized how versatile the whole plant is. If you use it with care, you can use even the leftover to get high or can be put into best use. It would be good if you learn how to use marijuana buds alone to smoke without involving tobacco. With time and patience, everything comes easy. Initial research and knowing the limit is all you need to handle the plant components properly and put them into good use. Medicinal marijuana is also a widely used and expanding area of cannabis consumption by more people. Apart from the medicinal or recreational uses, if you are ready to play your cards right and be patient in the process, you can get high even with the last bit of extracts you can find with you. 

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