Tea is most commonly drunk in the morning or afternoon. But it can also be a great sleep aid when consumed before bed. By treating yourself to a cuppa before you wind down for the night, you can improve your sleep routine and boost your overall health and wellness. Read on to find out which teas can contribute to a good night’s sleep.

Tea That Helps You Sleep


Chamomile is a natural herb derived from the Asteraceae plant. It is similar in appearance to the daisy and is known for its widespread health benefits. Chamomile tea has been used as a holistic remedy to treat insomnia for decades. It also contains antioxidants that can prevent infection and reduce inflammation. Its calming nature can be attributed to the antioxidant apigenin in particular. This binds to receptors in your brain to decrease anxiety and induce sleep over time.


Lavender is known for its deep purple color and sweet floral scent. Its soothing properties were first discovered by the Romans and Greeks and has been enjoyed by millions all over the world ever since. Lavender tea has been proven to relax muscles, settle nerves and induce sleep. It has also been found to reduce stress levels in those suffering from anxiety. You can browse a wide range of sleep-inducing teas from a well-known tea shop in the UK which is widely regarded for having some of the finest teas available. As an aside, sleep-related products, such as bath bombs and pillow mists, are lavender scented for a reason?

Valerian root

While researchers may still not necessarily know why, valerian root has emerged as a natural sleep remedy. It has been proven to increase levels of neurotransmitter GABA. GABA is responsible for speeding up or slowing down anxiety-inducing signals. It is commonly prescribed for those suffering from insomnia or that just need a little helping hand when it comes to drifting off.


Peppermint tea is an ideal drink of choice before bed. Unlike other types of tea, it contains little to no caffeine. It has been found to alleviate nausea and is perfectly safe for those suffering from morning sickness during the early stages of pregnancy. It is also known for its ability to ease bloating. A cup of peppermint tea after a large meal can allow you to pass gas with ease and reduce the likelihood of you developing abdominal pain during the night.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm is an aromatic herb derived from the same family as mint. It is commonly sold in the form of tea leaves but can also be sold in extract form for aromatherapy purposes. It has been harnessed as a natural means of reducing stress and anxiety for centuries. Like valerian root, it can also increase levels of GABA and act as a mild sedative.

Over the years, tea has been increasingly marketed as a sleep aid with good reason. With such a wide variety of types to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a flavor to suit you and send you on your way to a great night’s sleep tonight.

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