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This Fall Fashion there will be 4 styles. First Lady a Masculine look combined with Feminine details. Russian Scandinavian Style the name says it all this style is inspired by Russia and other Scandinavian countries. Miss Major is based on the Military combined with feminine hues like pink and a lot of details and accessories. Dark Saint a futuristic look with a lot of dark and dusky colors. Pick the one that suits You best or combine the 4. Good Luck, its all up to Your own imagination.

First lady

Masculine Tailoring, Tweeds, Checks, Tie print and stripes. mixed with Starlet Glamor, feminine Embroidery and beading. Get in the spotlight with this masculine and feminine look. Create style and grace by using ribbons, embroidery and beading. Combine that with masculine tailoring in classic flannels and checks. a comeback for the traditional tie stripes and crest. Together with tweeds and wovens in colors like pink and plum. You can choose between a lot of different prints like 30ts florals and inspired geos. Colors – A vintage palette of tea rose, antique blue, peony, pale plum and cinnamon. Sharpen up with charcoal grey and chalk.

Russian Scandinavian style

Pink and Rose hues, Russian references, Hand Crafted, fringed Crochet, decorative Borders, Folk inspired Prints and Embroidery. Go Siberian in comfy layers, rich colors and fully patterned. The styles are fringed or trimmed crochet and pom poms. Decorative borders with embroidery. Combined with herringbones and boiled wools. Folk inspired embroidery techniques like cross stitch, blanket stitch and the eyelet are back again. Pinks and Rose hues work well for floral prints or embroidery knits. Colors – A combination of eggplant, berry, spice and evergreen with vibrant tones of magenta and yellow.

Miss Major

Military Details, Khaki grounds, Embellishment and Embroidery. With subtle details and Lavish embroidery. Pockets piping and studs are the way to go. Combine with soutache techniques and epaulets. Make it feminine with dark floral prints and feminine embellishment. To add some glamor to You outfit add some beads. Colors – Practical khaki, black, slate and stone softened with dusky rose and vintage magenta.

Dark Saint

Metallic foil prints, midnight shades, blurred ombre techniques, dramatic placements and Asian florals. Shades of dusky blue and black. Together with ink and plum. Combine this with metallic foil prints or blurred and ombred with Asian floral prints. To get the right look Find a glimmer of light on jeweled surface. Use delicate lace and embroidery to create depth and texture. Colors – A palette of saturated night time hues, ink, midnight, plum and deep teal, add a shot in the dark with pewter and hot pink.


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